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With our reliable battery management system, efficient battery estimation algorithms, and advanced IoT connectivity, we aim to equip battery packs with safe, smart, and innovative solutions.

Enhancing Batteries with Intelligent Technology.

Battery Health

Smart Connectivity

Safe & Protected

Battery Data

Safe Charge


Delivering What You Need Is What We Do.

Our innovative battery solutions and support systems enhance performance and maintain health, powering every sector efficiently.

Our Mission

To develop efficient battery technology that will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and assure safety to the battery packs.

Our Vision

To enable safest, smartest and fastest way of energy transfer between nodes with utmost safety as we observe in data packets.

A word from our Co-Founders!

What they say

“Battery Management System to Batteries is as essential as the Brain is to the Human body. We need to make sure we get the right one.”

Abdul Azeez Khan

Co-Founder, CEO @ FASMHO

“Batteries need to be understood very well before we work with them. It can either happen by frugal and harsh experiments or through structured research and efficient simulations.”

Aqib Mastan

Co-Founder, CTO @ FASMHO

Our Partners

Trusted by partners, growing together.

Looking For Some Customized Solutions?​

Know the best solutions for your battery. We are here to assist you better.

We get in touch with the battery manufacturers, build solutions what are beneficial for them and ultimately try to serve their pain points.

Why Choose Us As Your Battery Experts?

Our expert team excels in battery research, digital twin technology, and intelligent algorithm testing, delivering customized, high-performance solutions tailored to each client's unique needs.

  • We comprehensively understand the battery's technical specifications and operational needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

  • Ensuring Safety is Our Top Priority in Every Aspect of Our Approach

  • Expert Product Design and Precision Fabrication Services for Superior Performance

  • Customized solutions for specific battery applications, Tailored to meet precise industry needs, Precision-engineered battery solutions for targeted uses

In The Media

Discover our latest articles and media coverage

The Battery Intelligence Generation Is Here.

Optimizing battery health through research, algorithms, and innovative solutions.

Understanding battery chemistry from the core

Serving multiple battery chemistry

Intelligent solutions to enhance performance

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